Tympani Lambada:


rendering by brandon sugiyama

From a distance, bursts of fire outline sensual curves in the sky. Fiery arches intrigue and invite approach. Soaring at impossible angles and creating a slight sense of vertigo, the sculpture’s undulations echo with subtle rumbles and hums. Bulbous shapes on the ground glow red and roar with intense colorful fire flickering in their depths. Tendon-like structures stretch over the interior space of the sculpture forming an intimate gathering place. Controls scattered throughout allow interaction with fire and light elements and sound effects.

Tympani Lambada is a sculptural embodiment of the structures by which we hear and balance, combining fire, vibration and sound to create an experience rich with visceral sensuality. The bone and membrane of the inner ear’s vestibular system is transformed into steel and fire. Flame effects, LEDs and sound effects mirror the function – circular, sensory experience: smell, hear, touch.

This is our piece of pretty from flaming lotus girls this year. We hope you come and join us, whether at the shop making the sculpture, or pushing the buttons some night out there.